TITLE: Kaxinawá Headdress

ALTERNATIVE TITLE: pei (feather) maiti  

SUBJECT: Headdress, Kaxinawá, Kensinger, Peru


The headdress is made of black and white wild turkey feathers, with red parrot feather (xawan) adornment. 


Kaxinawá feather headdresses are made from tail feathers gathered from wild turkeys and macaw parrots. The value of the headdress is determined in part by the beauty of the feathers and by how difficult it was to obtain them.
artifact no.1966.001.067

CREATOR: Kaxinawá 

CONTRIBUTOR: Kenneth Kensinger

TYPE: Headdress 

Temple Anthropology Laboratory and Museum 

Gladfelter Hall- Lower Level, Temple University

1115 Polett Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19122


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