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External links and further reading

In this section you can discover outside material such as videos of Kaxinawa rituals, articles about the Almshouse, and a link to a downloadable Kaxinawa learning video game!


Alternatively, you can try your luck at a quiz we made so you can get some interesting trivia information that is taken from the article above.



Kensinger, Kenneth M. How Real People Ought to Live : the Cashinahua of Eastern Peru. Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press, 1995

McCallum, Cecilia. The Body That Knows: From Cashinahua Epistemology to a Medical Anthropology of Lowland South America. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 10: 347-372. 1996. 

Video Game:

Here is a link to an outside source which contains a downloadable video game, which was developed by video game specialists working directly with anthropologists and the Huni Kuin themselves. Click the link to learn more!

Videos from around the web:

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