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The Rise of Independent Tabletop Roleplaying Game Creators and Companies

Small Tabletop Games

Among one of the benefits of the new re-tick in Tabletop Games is that Tabletop Role Playing Games are once more marketable enough to fund a sizable specialty market. Specialty games are more unique games that very few people will play, but are more interesting for those that do play. One of these companies is River Horse, a small company that makes games based on Intellectual Properties that are near to dear to our hearts.

They have games based on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, The Labyrinth, and Hunger Games. Their My Little Pony game is actually a very good beginner Tabletop RPG for children, teaching the very basics of the math side while instilling a love for the gameplay.

Truely Independent Tabletop Games

Among these companies are those that are truly independent, funded only on the purchase of very limited run prints and donations these games can only exist as a part of the community of Tabletop Role Playing Games. These groups rely on the good will of the community to continue.

Among these is Dead Tree Studios, who have created two major games. The first of these two is the Fallout: Equestria Pen and Paper game, a game based on crossover fanfiction between My Little Pony and Fallout. Through legal battles they have gained the right to continue to sell and produce this product, which is very interesting. This game was actually adapted, through the test gameplay, into a novel known as Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree which went through it's own legal battles to gain the legal right to be published under Parody laws.

The other game that Dead Tree Studios Creates is Dames of Asstoria, a monster girl roleplaying game. It's a very interesting magical setting, with hints of interesting gameplay that falls into the setting. Dead Tree Studios is one example of a larger wonderful thing in the current community, the ability for it to support its own members and creators to become more and more useful.

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