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This exhibit examines past Philadelphia epidemics to see what they can tell us about the response to COVID-19 

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Materiality and Meaning

This exhibit explores the symbolic significance of masks in their material form and function in society.

Ritual Ecosystems and the Kaxinawá

Stop by the Anthropology Museum in Gladfelter Hall (Lower Level) and

check out our current installation

 Ritual Ecosystems and the Kaxinawá

Participatory Culture and Video Games:

The Kaxinawá and Huni Kuin: The Way of the Snake

Stop by the Anthropology Department in Gladfelter Hall (2nd Floor) and

check out our current installation

 Participatory Culture and Video Games:

The Kaxinawá and Huni Kuin: The Way of the Snake


Identity Through Displacement:

Material Culture During Colonialism

This exhibit presents a snapshot of people in the middle of the process of colonization. The material culture presented here shows both the continuation of tradition and the reimagining of identity.


Commercial Museum of Philadelphia

This collection highlights the Philadelphia Commercial Museum. There are pieces from the 1894 Chicago World's Fair as well as pieces collected throughout the museum's history. The museum closed in 1994 and the Temple Anthropology Museum acquired the collection in the following years. 

revealing collections.jpg

Revealing Collections

Local prehistory through the lens of artifacts unearthed by Temple University Archaeologists. 

Comparative Basket Weaving

Highlighting artifacts from our Friedlaender, Kaxinawá, and Miller collections, this exhibit explores artisan basket weaving throughout the South Pacific region and South America. 


Asylum Seekers at the

Almshouse on Cypress

Colonial Philadelphia's home of the homeless

Danis Dealing with death

Grieving through the eyes of the Dani of Western New Guinea




A Ceramics Exhibition

Temple Anthropology Laboratory and Museum 

Gladfelter Hall- Lower Level, Temple University

1115 Polett Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19122

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