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Objects from the Walde-Waldegg Collection

The objects in the Walde-Waldegg collection come from the San Agustin region of Colombia. From bone flues to a trumpet made of bark, they represent a wide range of instruments.


Bark trumpets have been and are used the world over, but this Colombian trumpet is again an example of instruments serving a function outside of performance, as they are often used for relaying information over long distances. The reed on the other hand can only be used as part of a larger instrument, though that instrument itself may have had multiple functions; nevertheless, it serves as a strong example of the utilization of a similar material to the trumpet, but for an entirely different purpose. For more information regarding pan pipes and their various functions, see the objects under the Friedlaender Collection page.

Bone Flutes

Bone flutes are some of the earliest instruments to have been discovered, and their production and use continued for thousands of years. This continuous use, along with the age of the bone flutes, reinforces the idea of music and melody being integral to our lives from our earliest history - a fact that is still true today. You can hear a similar bone flute being played here.

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