Makers Marks

2004.09.039 Porcelain, Tonkin, China

Commercial Museum Collection

Small East Asian Tonkin, dark blue decoration of a dragon. Paper tag glued to face, Tonkin and Porcelain China are written on the tag.


2004.09.076 Ceramic, Tonkin, East Asia

Commercial Museum Collection

Ceramic East Asian plate with a man fishing in blue decoration on a white background. Script in blue.

2004.10.391 Ceramic, Cup, Holland

Commercial Museum Collection

Tea cup with red and silver circumferential red and silver lines on inside and on handle. “MOSA MAASTRICHT PLATEEL” stamped on bottom. Most likely from Holland; translated to Mosa Maastricht Pottery. The Mosa Maastricht design studio is still producing ceramics.

2004.10.382 Ceramic, Saucer, Holland

Commercial Museum Collection

Saucer with red and silver circumferential red and silver lines around perimeter. MOSA MAASTRICHT PLATEEL stamped on interior.

2004.10.247 Ceramic, Cup, Manises, Spain

Commercial Museum Collection

Teacup painted with copper colored designs. Most likely from Spain, “Manises” painted on bottom. Manises is a municipality in the comarca of Horta Oest in the Valencian Community, Spain

2004.10.248 Ceramic, Saucer, Manises, Spain

Commercial Museum Collection

Saucer with copper colored designs. From Spain, Manises painted on bottom.

2004.10.376 Ceramic Willow Ware, Saucer, England

Commercial Museum Collection

English saucer with small blue designs known as the blue willow. This plate was manufactured and stamped with a Charles Allerton & Sons Staffordshire English Willow Ware stamp.















Ceramic Willow Ware, Tea cup, England

English ceramic tea cup with blue willow design. This cup was manufactured by Churchill China. They started producing blue willow patterns in 1818, and still produce the pattern today.

Ceramic Willow Ware, Teapot, England

An example of an English willow ware teapot that would be used in the mid-late 20th century.

2004.10.218-390 Porcelain, Tea Set, Russia

Commercial Museum Collection

Porcelain Soviet tea set from 1930. This tea set would most likely have been manufactured by one of the state pottery factories in, or near St. Petersburg.

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