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1967.02.026a-b - small, carved, acorn-shaped perfume bottle, Egypt.

Rose Collection 


Temple acquired the Rose Collection via donation from the Rose family. Frederick W. Green, an Egyptologist, began the collection with purchases made during his travels. He then passed it along to his cousin, Robert Green. Mr. Rose and his wife Glanola added to the collection during their own travels, resulting in the unique collection now housed here in the Temple Anthropology Laboratory and Museum. The cultural context of these artifacts is only known through a brief catalog and correspondence between the Rose family and the Temple Department of Anthropology in February of 1967. 


The ethnographic collection is comprised of 134 objects from countries such as Japan, Italy, Peru, Egypt, Greece, Uganda, Ethiopia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, and the area formerly known as Yugoslavia. It consists of textiles and ceramics, as well as wood carved items seemingly used in both decorative and domestic settings. According to a letter from the Rose family, the objects from Egypt were collected in the late 19th century, but little information is known about the cultural contexts of the remaining objects of the collection. 

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